E-Book: DIY Spa Day Gift Box
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E-Book: DIY Spa Day Gift Box

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We want to show you that you can make a wonderful and relaxing gift for someone you care about with your own hands! Imagine how nice it will be for your loved one to know you made their present yourself, and what is best, it will be all made with natural and vegan-friendly ingredients! So you, or who you choose to gift will have a wonderful spa day at the comfort of your home!

In this book, you will learn how to handmade different kinds of soap, sugar scrub, and bath salts with all-natural ingredients. No prior knowledge is necessary for this, as the step by step is easy to follow, and suitable for beginners, and also for every age! You can have some fun time with your kids too! It is a fun project to do and the result is an amazing gift for every occasion.

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