About Us

2020 was a different year for all of us. One way or the other. We had actually time to slow down our crazy busy lives and think for a moment where everything is going?

Bubbly Fox was born as a form of giving people back their hope, allowing you to reconnect with your creative, fun, and thoughtful side. Let’s make this new company as exciting as we all want, let’s make it a company that listens to its customers and translates that into great new creations to help us create a whole new world of better possibilities for the generations to come.

Bubbly Fox wants to reconnect you with yourself, for that so needed time of selfcare, and to reconnect ourselves with the community and the environment. Help us create a brand that gives back to its community, and most of all that treats our environment with the respect it so desperately needs. Let Bubbly Fox be that connection with your inner self to inspire others to do the same, and one day we will have made the world a better place.

We want to present you our new lines of products that will be created thinking about you and your day to day needs. New collections that are fun, creative and charming. Products that are handmade with the best raw materials we can find that are not harmful to the environment nor the animals.

We at Bubbly Fox love what we do and we want to share this sentiment with you! So let’s get together and make this the best soap company of all times! We can not do this without your help, so feel free to give us your feedback! We have the power to make things better, we just need to get the ball rolling!