Massager Soap
Massager Soap
Massager Soap
Bubbly Fox

Massager Soap

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Bubbly Fox massage soaps are a much-needed treat to yourself! 

You can choose between our premium aloe vera or hemp seed oil soap base, made with the best natural, and vegan ingredients, it is also hypo-allergenic making this product both soothing and cleansing to your skin. 

We added poppy seeds as an exfoliant feature for a deeper treatment. The massage shape makes your everyday shower/bath time feel like a spa day! 

Choose between our Lavender, Citrus, or Peppermint scent for a bonus aromatherapy time! Don’t forget that men need self-care too, and the guys love our Peppermint essential oil scent! Enjoy this amazing soap!


Ingredients: Aloe vera or Hemp oil soap base, castor oil, fragrance, poppy seeds, and mica.

Size: 98g



**Every product is handmade and therefore each one is unique, you can expect slight variations in color and design.

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