The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

benefits hemp seed oil soap

Hello everybody! Ready for something new and exciting? 

We decided to experiment with a Hemp seed oil soap base, not to get you high, but I bet your skin can’t get enough of this after its first taste! Let’s talk about hemp oil, its benefits to our skin, and how it is different from the cannabis that can get you high.

First of, why do people get high after consuming cannabis? It is because of a chemical called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the THC is a resin secreted by the plant's glands, and these glands are found around the reproductive organs of the cannabis plant. So why is it safe to use hemp seed oil? I will tell you why.

Hemp seed oil on the other hand comes from Cannabis sativa seeds. The plant seeds don’t have the levels of THC that will get you high, therefore being safe for cosmetic uses. Still hemp seed oil is full of other nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that our skin will love.

Studies have shown that hemp seed oil has a unique fatty acid composition that will help our skin with different problems. It will help control oily skin, protect it from inflammation, and also help control acne. Hemp seed oil and its abundance of fatty acids is a great skin nurture, especially in cold weather, making it smooth and hydrated.

It is all for the win! We will continue to experiment with hemp seed oil in our creations, to make it the most helpful we can for you and your self care time with your skin! Meanwhile you can already put to the test the benefits of hemp seed oil in our delicious massager soap!

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