The Benefits of the Activated Charcoal

activated charcoal benefits soap

Hello everybody!

Do you know what is the largest organ in your body? Yes, it is your skin! Surprised? Therefore we should treat it very carefully! Here is some information that has been common knowledge for centuries.

Activated charcoal. You know, that black powder that you can find in almost anything nowadays. But what is it, actually? 

Activated charcoal is obtained by superheating natural sources of carbon such as wood, coconut shells or sawdust. You might think it is the same substance as a lump of coal, or that black burnt crust on a piece of food, but that is not the same thing. I will tell you why.

When carbon rich substances are superheated they will be transformed into a fine black powder that is now considered activated. The wood, coconut shells or sawdust are molecules that are bonded to different elements and atoms. By superheating these materials, these bonds will break, striping the normal charcoal of its previously absorbed molecules, and this will free up the bonding sites again, hence the activated name, meaning that the charcoal is now ready to bond to other molecules and atoms. 

Now that we know a little bit more about this substance, why do we use it in our soap? Well the activated charcoal is a highly absorbing ingredient that will absorb the toxins our skin is exposed to everyday. It also absorbs the excess oil that will make your skin prone to acne. It is a detoxifying ingredient that can be used to greatly treat our largest organ!

Also activated charcoal is largely used in emergency rooms to be administered in people that get there with some kind of intoxication or overdose. Our body does not process the activated charcoal, so it will be eliminated in our feces, along with the toxin it absorbed along the way.

We only want the best for our customers, so if you need an extra hand with that oily or prone acne skin, this is a great product that will help you get where you want.

Meet our Activated Charcoal soap!


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