The Benefits of Bath Salts

bath salts benefits lavender

Hello everybody! Let’s talk about bath salts!

Imagine yourself, after a day of hard work, you get home and long for a bath, a nice, warm and relaxing bath. Well if you have our new Lavender and Epsom salt bath salts your bath will be one of a kind, and you will feel all the relaxation you deserve after all that hard work!

If you are not convinced yet, I will throw a little bit more information for you on this matter. Let’s start with the star of the bath salt, the Epsom salt. You sure have heard a lot about how good Epsom salt is, but do you really know why? I will tell you!

Epsom salt is a compost called magnesium sulfate, and it is a mineral that occurs naturally. On the other hand our body needs magnesium and sulfate to properly function, and sometimes we do not get enough of those on our diets. Here is where your relaxing bath can help you a little bit more than you expect.

Through soaking your body in a bath filled with Epsom salt, your body can absorb small amounts of the magnesium and sulfate present in the water, thus you will start to feel a lot better and relaxed!

And it is not only that! We combined our Epsom salt with lavender essential oil, and busted it with lavender buds, to give you more relaxation notes! After this bath you will have the true beauty sleep you always dreamed of!

On top of that, pink Himalayan sea salt also contains minerals that your body will love to absorb from this amazing bath! It is a win, win, win with this product!!! 

Meet our Lavender Bath Salt!

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