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Hey there everybody!

Here is some great news. Some of you may already know as you would have been there, but for those of you who didn’t know, we had our first craft fair Sunday, October 25 in Summerside!! We were very excited about it as we prepared, it would be a very good event to be a part of, and get people in our community to know our new brand!

So we want to share a little bit of this amazing experience with you. Here we go!

We didn’t find out about the craft fair until Sunday before it, October 17. When we found out there was a moment of hesitation, as we would only have one week to prepare, but after that split second, we were all in! LET’S DO THIS!

So we got organized, we planned everything we were going to make, decided which products we were going to take with us, and most important we planned our schedule for what was going to be the busy week ahead. Everything worked out just fine! Then Sunday came, and we were beyond excited, and a bit nervous. We love our product and what we do, but we can never foresee the reaction of others, anyway, we had high hopes!

And it paid off!! We had amazing feedback from lots of people. People fell in love with our cute soaps and deliciously scented candles, and we did pretty well for our first event! The feeling we get when people compliment you on what you did because they genuinely liked it is the most rewarding feeling of all!

To sum up, Sunday was a crazy cold day, super windy, we were not sure if people were going to come or not, but every effort we made to be able to participate in the event was rewarding! It was amazing to see that people loved our product as much as we do! We want to keep you guys amazed by our creative soap making, so stay always tuned to our social media that great things are coming Bubbly Fox way!



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